Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sub-adult tiger dies in territorial fight in Bandipur

After a long (welcome) lull, we hear of another tiger death in the Bandipur tiger reserve, taking the tiger toll to nine in eight months in this park.

According to Deputy Conservator of Forests, Hanumanthappa, the carcass of sub-adult tiger was found near the Maddur range of the sprawling (912 sq km) national park.

"There is an indication of a fight between two tigers. There are deep claw marks on the ground. Some bushes have also been ripped out of their moorings. It is indicative of a territorial fight in which this four year old male has succumbed to injuries about four or five days ago," says Hanumanthappa.

The carcass was discovered on the fringe of the forest on Thursday morning by forest guards.

"We don't suspect any foul play as all the body parts were intact. The post mortem will reveal the cause of death," says Hanumanthappa.


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