Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tiger accidentally kills man in Bandipur National Park

Bangalore, March 13
A wood-cutter was accidentally by a tiger in the Bandipur National Park here today.

Confirming the news, Mr Alok Kumar, Circle Inspector, Gundulpet Taluk, Karnataka, said: "It is true that the remains of a middle-aged man was found in the tiger reserve. The body has been recovered and sent for post mortem."

Hanumantha Nayaka, the deceased, is from Berambadi village near the Tiger Reserve, where two cattle had been killed by a tiger recently.

That the partly eaten body of the 55 -year-old was recovered deep inside the tiger reserve by a patrol team has confounded the forest department.

"The park is an inviolate area. What this man was doing so far inside the tiger reserve has to be established. As there were no pug marks found near the body, we will have to do a thorough investigation before assessing the cause of death,: said Mr Hosamat, Field Director Project Tiger, Karnataka.

Incidentally, this is the first tiger attack in Bandipur in seven years, while as many as 22 tigers have perished in the 992- sq km park in three years.


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  1. How does a tiger kill "accidentally"? Did it also accidentally eat the man?